Contact Improvisation in Water

I highly recommend to any aquatic body worker (especially therapists and also my doula colleages)  to attend a workshop of « contact improvisation in water » with the magical Sasha Bezrodnova.
I just did 6 days with her at the Liquid Zome and it has changed me and my practice. Here are the key notions I've experienced in my body: 

Take time to rest in myself
Embrace non-action
Don’t act, just be and rest there
Expand beyond my body
Go until the end of the movement and know it continues
Give a direction and let the movement have it’s own life
If i don’t create resistance with a part of my body, I will go further
Listen to the other’s movement and answer
Be my qualities, develop them into my dance
Rise with my partner aiming for verticality so he keeps his balance
We can keep the connection even in the distance
Become the other’s point of contact and if we both flow, he will then become mine.
When the other is witnessing, I dance for myself and I dance for him too.
When I feel a lot of strength then I shall take it slowly to save that energy and make it last.
I can dance, I am allowed. 

In most aquatic body work trainings, we learn to be a "giver" so that we can be of service of the "receiver".
In this contact improvisation workshop, I was empowered to become one with my sensations and body intuitions with no other agenda.
No need to make the other feel good, no need to be of service, no need to do anything if I don't feel like it.
I connected freely my inner body wisdom, released the present tensions with movement and sound. Seing my intimate strengths and witnesses very clearly with no judgement: I felt the healing energy of the dance.

What's beautiful in my eyes is that I can bring this energy into my work. As a water-doula working mainly with pregnant women and couples, I see the potential that this new way of working is opening.

Giving a relaxation session is amazing, it releases tensions, enhance the vital energy, stretched the muscles and ligaments, helps with blood circulation, gives a chance to the mother to surrender, connect to her baby,  be honored and cared for. This is a already supporting a healthy pregnancy and preparing for birth (for many reasons i can discuss more if anyone is interested) but lets remember that when the women will give birth, she is the one that is at the center of her dance.
The women needs to connect with herself yes but also be autonomous in her movements.
If the women has had opportunities to really express herself and listen to her body, I guaranty that when she will give birth, there is much more chances it will be beautiful as her inner wisdom flourishes.

So for people working with pregnancy in the water, i think this training is a true source of inspiration.
And for the aquatic body workers, i would say (it's only my opinion) it's a "must do", as it will give you time to experience your own dance and reinforce your relationship with the water element. 

Sasha is a great teacher and together with Mario they are brilliant partners to play with, explore and share. 

If you go and enjoy, please write to me so I can hear what you felt and maybe dance together one day.


photos taken during 'aquatic dance' workshop at Liquid Zome Nov 2017 by Mario Blanco

you can find more of Sasha's & Mario's work here