Water doulas retreat in Bahia

When i left Paris i was a little bit sceptical for our first @waterdoulas retreat in Brazil and because we barely had time to promote it. But I realise now that the natural forces where in charge of our journey and all we had to do is let it unfold. 17 people gathered in Tierra Encantada which was a meeting that surpassed any of my expectations. We came to dream bigger and surrender more. The water in Bahia moved with the tides so we had to watch her and adapt our practices and our postures. It was amazing to walk or crawl for many meters to even get wet up to our hips. Lao and Adriana lead the way from the sea to the shore, watching them taking so much time to slowly get out was magical. It made me remember the importance of transitions, it’s where a lot of transformation and silence exist. Close to the shore, the water was very warm, it was perfect for our embryology and rebirthing exploration. The water was cloudy which made it ever more mysterious. It was essential for me to connect with old body memories, it’s when i feel most creative and liberated in my healing practice, both for myself and for others. In these moments, I feel space, grounding and the inner and outer movement evolve spontaneously. It’s something that is beyond me, it’s something that ‘happens’ organically. The feeling of being in the sea and it’s presence is the inspiration holding the experience. 

To balance the water element we complemented our practices with deep meditation and Bhakti Yoga with Kamal, contact dance and tok Sen. It was essential for our integration. Nadia created the space for her Tok Sen workshop with tremendous respect to the beings around, she helped us remember that everything is listening. 

On a personal level, as I’m used to working in pools, being in the wild salty waters helped me reignite my relationship with water. I know she’s alive… Yemenja, the goddess of the Ocean, she was holding us all in her arms like a mother with her children. Anybody that works in water knows that the journey is infinite, the expansion is continuous and fluid, it’s soft but it’s a challenge to keep going and to keep cleaning so it’s very powerful to feel supported by the higher forces.

I look forward to our next Water Doula course, ‘Pregnancy in Water’ in April in Portugal at the Liquid Zome and our Women Retreat in July. Marjorie and I are feeling so grateful to walk this path together with you guys. We bow to Creation.

Pregnancy in Water, Sintra : 17-20 APRIL
Women Retreat, Sintra: 12-17 July

Info: waterdoulas@gmail.com