We are professional trained in childbirth and mother caring, providing emotional and practical support to the mother, the father and sometimes other members of the family to prepare and welcome the venue of a new child. We are sensible to the various needs of the mother, the father and the child during the expectation, the birth and the postnatal period. Many studies are showing that with the support of doulas, women are more likely to have a positive birth and for both the mother and the child a more positive post-natal experience... But it's important to understand that we will never replace midwives: we do not deliver the babies, we do not support with medical care or diagnose conditions. Our aim is also to support midwives the best we can. 


The first few weeks after birth are ESSENTIAL. It's a time for the mother and for the child to rest and recover from the birth. Support will be needed from your network of friends and family.  More information on POSTNATAL SUPPORT NETWORK

The Blessing Way: 

The blessing way is a sacred time to prepare for the time of giving birth. It's adapted to each woman, best friends and close family are usually invited to take part. 

The blessing way is a sacred moment to honour the women's journey. It can replace the baby shower. As a doula, I will help you organise your blessing way and make this YOUR moment.

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Prenatal and Postnatal Kundalini Yoga helps reinforce the nervous system, the blood circulation, helps with digestion and is an amazing practice to gain patience and confidence. Pre-natal helps to keep in good heath, a strong mind and prepare for birthing. It's an opportunity to create space in the body and be more comfortable, for both the mom and the baby. Post-natal is great for organ repositioning and to slowly start to exercice again. You can choose collective classes and individual bespoke classes.






Many beautiful rituals can be held during pregnancy and after birth. We have an incredible heritage of rituals in various cultures that I will help you adapted to your needs and believes.

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