Ma formation:
- école de kundalini yoga-doula (2015-2016) 
- de gasquet institute - grossesse et sport (2017)
- école française de rebozo - basic et soin (2017)
- spinning babies (les bases en 1 journée)
- watsu Lyon-  basic, baby and pregnancy
- atma janzu (école Atma) - level 1-2-3 (2014)  
- aguahara - level 2-3 avec Simone & Sergio (2016)
- ada 2 (freediving)
- contact-dance improvisation in water avec Sasha Bezrodnova
- aquatic bodywaves avec Manuela Blanchard (2018)
- embryologie avec DR Jaap Van Der Wal (2018)
- vision contemporaine de la sexualité avec Naoli Vinaver
- postnatal Support Network - formation doula postnatale (2018)

Pour me contacter, vous pouvez utiliser la messagerie sur cette page ou bien me téléphoner au 0648170077

My name is Laurélène Chambovet, I was born in Les Lilas, a great clinic in east Paris early 80's, my mom did almost all the work in water and my dad welcomed me when I came out, I bathed in love and saw their eyes before anything else. I realize today how lucky I am for this. 

I  travel since my youngest age, inspired by the diversity of the world and its people. I come from Art & Culture, worked for Saatchi & SaatchiEurostar, The French Institute, ATC International in Vietnam and The Hospital Club , amongst others. I enjoyed those creative projects for many years and one day felt I should take my life further, bringing ever more depth into the result of my actions.

On a personal level, i've always been very curious about ancient traditions, I've followed the teaching of a beautiful native american for many years called Diane Monette (Bhatki) and other inspiring elders in Peru, Mexico, Spain and India.

I feel in love with Kundalini Yoga and meditation. I trained at the Yoga-Doula School and De Gasquet Institute and started traveling with a more precise purpose: to understand the birth landscape. You can find some of my research on the Blog section

I now teach prenatal yoga regularly in Paris and support women in the birth journey. I became the french co-ordinator of the POST NATAL SUPPORT NETWORK and one of the founder of the WATER DOULAS community.

Today when I bring my doula work into the water. I created AQUASERENA, water relaxation for prenatal and postnatal healing. I am dedicated to develop my practice and spend a lot of time in pools and deep sea with midwives, osteopaths, dancers, free divers, old people, tetraplegics, friends and family as well as my regular clients.

Feel free to get in touch via the website if you want to meet me or don't hesitate to call on +33 6 48 17 00 77. 





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#RADIODOULA EPISODE 2  Cliquez ici  pour en savoir plus sur mon parcours et le métier de Doula.

Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur mon parcours et le métier de Doula.

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ONE ONENESS article here