Water doulas retreat in Bahia

When i left Paris i was a little bit sceptical for our first @waterdoulas retreat in Brazil and because we barely had time to promote it. But I realise now that the natural forces where in charge of our journey and all we had to do is let it unfold. 17 people gathered in Tierra Encantada which was a meeting that surpassed any of my expectations. We came to dream bigger and surrender more. The water in Bahia moved with the tides so we had to watch her and adapt our practices and our postures. It was amazing to walk or crawl for many meters to even get wet up to our hips. Lao and Adriana lead the way from the sea to the shore, watching them taking so much time to slowly get out was magical. It made me remember the importance of transitions, it’s where a lot of transformation and silence exist. Close to the shore, the water was very warm, it was perfect for our embryology and rebirthing exploration. The water was cloudy which made it ever more mysterious. It was essential for me to connect with old body memories, it’s when i feel most creative and liberated in my healing practice, both for myself and for others. In these moments, I feel space, grounding and the inner and outer movement evolve spontaneously. It’s something that is beyond me, it’s something that ‘happens’ organically. The feeling of being in the sea and it’s presence is the inspiration holding the experience. 

To balance the water element we complemented our practices with deep meditation and Bhakti Yoga with Kamal, contact dance and tok Sen. It was essential for our integration. Nadia created the space for her Tok Sen workshop with tremendous respect to the beings around, she helped us remember that everything is listening. 

On a personal level, as I’m used to working in pools, being in the wild salty waters helped me reignite my relationship with water. I know she’s alive… Yemenja, the goddess of the Ocean, she was holding us all in her arms like a mother with her children. Anybody that works in water knows that the journey is infinite, the expansion is continuous and fluid, it’s soft but it’s a challenge to keep going and to keep cleaning so it’s very powerful to feel supported by the higher forces.

I look forward to our next Water Doula course, ‘Pregnancy in Water’ in April in Portugal at the Liquid Zome and our Women Retreat in July. Marjorie and I are feeling so grateful to walk this path together with you guys. We bow to Creation.

Pregnancy in Water, Sintra : 17-20 APRIL
Women Retreat, Sintra: 12-17 July

Info: waterdoulas@gmail.com

Piscine Naissance, Ourcq 2018

“Elle s'appelle Yuna (dit Youna). 3,9kg. Tout le monde va bien! Accouchement harmonieux sans peri, travail dans l'eau...J'ai tellement pensé à vos cours de piscine et tous vos précieux conseils. MERCI “ 2/10/18

Un grand merci à toutes celles qui sont venues cette année à la piscine. 

Pour plus d’images cliquez sur la photo, c’est une galerie.
Photos Zoie Wilson.

Pregnancy in Water TRAINING

Oct 1-4 - pregnancy in water 1


15 mins de Caen, dans une belle maison à la lisière de la forêt. Grande piscine privée et chauffée à 34°C.


Water doulas is a community of women honouring the water energy and it's impact on birth preparation... bowing to its healing powers.Pregnancy in Water is the first course of the Water Doulas Training Programme. Our intention and mission is based on the creation of rituals and exaltation of sacredness that water inspires and fulfils in us. We are drawn by the therapeutic qualities of the water: releasing the body tensions & memories, flow, trust, clean, connect us with the beginning of life.

Our courses and retreats are opportunities to explore the healing power of one’s body in water and develop the skills of the doula & caregivers/birth workers when it comes to accompany the mother’s connection to her body and emotions.

The Pregnancy in Water course 1 is designed to help you to run wellness collective classes with a pregnancy group in water. Water allows us to go into deep relaxation, let go and create movement freely. Those gestures are essential for birth preparation but please note that unless you are yourself a nurse or a midwife, this won't replace the midwife’s birth preparation classes.

We will explore how to offer a class for pregnant women in water where they are allowed to enter their inner sacred space; connect with their inner movements and ‘feel’ their pregnancy.  We are going to merge in water´s various forms and combinations in the prevention of common discomforts during pregnancy, childbirth and in other courses postpartum, with investigation, dynamics exercises and directed and assisted practices. We will not teach you protocols, we will give you basic tools that will be explored and shaped with the needs of the participants in order to allow you to explore your own creativity in water.

We will also share with you some simple things you can do with couples in water, to help them create a bubble of love and security before the birth.

This programme has been created to inspire you, stimulate your creativity and support your journey as a woman and as a caretaker.

  • Explore your own relation to water

  • Cultivate the ‘doula’ way of honouring women’s journeys

  • Find out how to use the Rebozo fabric outside and inside the water

  • Learn movements and flow outside and inside the water

  • Adapt your own work to the water element, find your own style with our support within the Water Doulas community 

  • Go deep into your own journey in the water supported by the group

  • Raise your level of confidence and open yourself to your creative abilities

 580 euros including lunch and access to the pool (prices without accommodations)
You can eat on site, have home made diner for 10 euros and also stay in the house for 25 euros a night including the breakfast.



Ouvert aux doulas, aux éducateurs de naissance, aux thérapeutes, aux danseurs et aux aquatic body workers. 

Le module 'pregnancy in water' est le premier cours du programme de formation Water Doulas (en cours de création). Notre intention et notre mission sont basées sur la création de rituels et l'exaltation du sacré que l'eau inspire et accomplit en nous. Nous sommes attirés par les qualités thérapeutiques de l'eau : libération des tensions corporelles et des souvenirs, flux, la confiance, nous connecter avec le début de la vie.

Nos cours et retraites sont des occasions d'explorer le pouvoir de guérison de son corps dans l'eau et de développer les compétences des doulas et des soignants/travailleurs de naissance lorsqu'il s'agit d'accompagner le lien de la mère avec son corps et ses émotions.

Le module Pregnancy in Water course  1 est conçu pour vous aider à organiser des cours collectifs de bien-être avec un groupe de femmes enceintes dans l'eau. L'eau nous permet d'entrer dans une relaxation profonde, de lâcher prise et de créer du mouvement librement. Ce travail à mes yeux est miraculeux pour la préparation à l'accouchement, mais veuillez noter qu'à moins que vous ne soyez vous-même une infirmière ou une sage-femme, cela ne remplacera en aucun cas les cours de préparation à l'accouchement proposé par les sages-femmes.

Nous explorerons comment offrir un cours pour les femmes enceintes dans l'eau où elles peuvent entrer dans leur espace sacré intérieur, se connecter avec leurs mouvements intérieurs et ressentir leur grossesse.  Nous allons fusionner dans water´s diverses formes et combinaisons dans la prévention des malaises communs pendant la grossesse, l'accouchement et dans d'autres cours post-partum, avec des enquêtes, des exercices de dynamique et des pratiques dirigées et assistées. Nous ne vous enseignerons pas des protocoles, nous vous donnerons des outils de base qui seront explorés et façonnés avec les besoins des participants afin de vous permettre d'explorer votre propre créativité dans l'eau.

Nous partagerons également avec vous des choses simples que vous pouvez faire avec les couples dans l'eau, pour les aider à créer une bulle d'amour et de sécurité avant la naissance.

Ce programme a été créé pour vous inspirer, stimuler votre créativité et soutenir votre parcours de femme et d'aide-soignante.

Apprendre à créer un cours collectif dédié au bien-être des femmes enceintes dans l’eau.

  • Adapter vos outils de doulas dans l'eau et découvrir des rituels à partager dans l'eau.

  • Se relier à l’eau, explorer votre gestuelle aquatique, developper votre potentiel d’enseignant(e). Comprendre et intégrer le parallèle entre le métier de doula et les qualités de l’élément Eau.

  • Apprendre à utiliser le rebozo aquatique. 

  • Rejoindre la communauté des Water Doulas.

580 euros pour 4 jours d’enseignements, accès piscine
repas délicieux du midi inclus, préparés par la cuisinière sur place.
Logement sur place pour tous, 25 euros la nuit avec le petit déjeuné en self service.
Dîners préparés sur place facultatifs 10 euros

Pour l'inscription, nous apprécions un acompte de 30% de la valeur du cours afin que nous puissions réserver votre place et un petit texte de quelques mots pour nous permettre de vous connaître vous et vos rêves.

Avec :

Aqua Serena, Water Relaxation for Pregnancy (détente aquatique pour la grossesse)
Laurélène est une yoga-doula qui vit et travaille à Paris. Inspirée par son travail de doula et ses formations (Janzu, Aguahara, Watsu pregnancy, " sport & grossesse " à l'Institut De Gasquet), Contact Dance in Water et Embryology, elle a développé sa propre pratique : Aquaserena, la relaxation aquatique dédiée à la grossesse. Laurélène anime régulièrement les soirées 'Piscine Naissance', des ateliers et des retraites pour femmes en France, en Afrique de l'Est et en Asie. Site Web : www.laurelene.com

Marjorie Sa, Thai Massage for Pregnancy Marjorie est une danseuse brésilienne/portugaise, thérapeute corporelle et enseignante dédiée aux médecines traditionnelles et aux sages-femmes, avec une formation à la vie qui va de l'Amazonie à l'Asie, intégrant des éléments de massage, de méditation et de danse. Spécialiste de la santé des femmes avec massage thaïlandais, Watsu, réflexologie, herboristerie, massages et pratiques taoïstes et ayurvédiques. Naissance et post-partum Doula, et mère de deux filles. Instructeur et mentor de professionnels du massage pour la grossesse depuis 2006 et du massage yoga thaïlandais depuis 2001. Chercheur de danses sacrées, de rituels de naissance et de pratiques corporelles féminines, offrant une approche thérapeutique sur la physiologie du mouvement et s'engageant à éveiller la présence du sacré à la naissance et à la maternité. Site Web : www.massagemgravidez.com


Aqua Serena, Water Relaxation for Pregnancy
Laurélène is a yoga-doula who lives and works in Paris. Inspired by her work as a doula and her trainings (Janzu, Aguahara, Watsu pregnancy, « sport & pregnancy » at De Gasquet Institute), Contact Dance in Water and Embryology, she has developed her own practice: Aquaserena, water relaxation for pregnancy. Laurélène runs regular 'Piscine Naissance', workshops and women retreats in France, East Africa and Asia. Website: www.laurelene.com

Marjorie Sa, Thai Massage for Pregnancy Marjorie is a Brazilian/Portuguese dancer, body therapist and teacher dedicated to Traditional Medicines and Midwifery, with a life-training that runs from Amazonia to Asia, integrating elements of massage, meditation and dance. Women Health’s specialist with Thai Massage, Watsu, Reflexology, Herbology, Taoist and Ayurvedic massages and practices. Birth and postpartum Doula, and mother of two girls. Instructor and mentor of professionals in Massage for Pregnancy since 2006 and Thai Yoga Massage since 2001. Researcher of Sacred Dances, Birth Rituals and Feminine Body Practices, offering a therapeutic approach about physiology of the movement and committed with awakening the presence of the sacred in birth and maternity. Website:www.massagemgravidez.com

Contact for registration: waterdoulas@gmail.com

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First dance

Contact Improvisation in Water

I highly recommend to any aquatic body worker (especially therapists and also my doula colleages)  to attend a workshop of « contact improvisation in water » with the magical Sasha Bezrodnova.
I just did 6 days with her at the Liquid Zome and it has changed me and my practice. Here are the key notions I've experienced in my body: 

Take time to rest in myself
Embrace non-action
Don’t act, just be and rest there
Expand beyond my body
Go until the end of the movement and know it continues
Give a direction and let the movement have it’s own life
If i don’t create resistance with a part of my body, I will go further
Listen to the other’s movement and answer
Be my qualities, develop them into my dance
Rise with my partner aiming for verticality so he keeps his balance
We can keep the connection even in the distance
Become the other’s point of contact and if we both flow, he will then become mine.
When the other is witnessing, I dance for myself and I dance for him too.
When I feel a lot of strength then I shall take it slowly to save that energy and make it last.
I can dance, I am allowed. 

In most aquatic body work trainings, we learn to be a "giver" so that we can be of service of the "receiver".
In this contact improvisation workshop, I was empowered to become one with my sensations and body intuitions with no other agenda.
No need to make the other feel good, no need to be of service, no need to do anything if I don't feel like it.
I connected freely my inner body wisdom, released the present tensions with movement and sound. Seing my intimate strengths and witnesses very clearly with no judgement: I felt the healing energy of the dance.

What's beautiful in my eyes is that I can bring this energy into my work. As a water-doula working mainly with pregnant women and couples, I see the potential that this new way of working is opening.

Giving a relaxation session is amazing, it releases tensions, enhance the vital energy, stretched the muscles and ligaments, helps with blood circulation, gives a chance to the mother to surrender, connect to her baby,  be honored and cared for. This is a already supporting a healthy pregnancy and preparing for birth (for many reasons i can discuss more if anyone is interested) but lets remember that when the women will give birth, she is the one that is at the center of her dance.
The women needs to connect with herself yes but also be autonomous in her movements.
If the women has had opportunities to really express herself and listen to her body, I guaranty that when she will give birth, there is much more chances it will be beautiful as her inner wisdom flourishes.

So for people working with pregnancy in the water, i think this training is a true source of inspiration.
And for the aquatic body workers, i would say (it's only my opinion) it's a "must do", as it will give you time to experience your own dance and reinforce your relationship with the water element. 

Sasha is a great teacher and together with Mario they are brilliant partners to play with, explore and share. 

If you go and enjoy, please write to me so I can hear what you felt and maybe dance together one day.


photos taken during 'aquatic dance' workshop at Liquid Zome Nov 2017 by Mario Blanco

you can find more of Sasha's & Mario's work here