TOP 10 Muay (Thailand)

Muay is one of the sweetest person i’ve ever met in my travels, she came miles way on her scooter to meet me in the middle of the busy night market with a bag of colorful sesame pastries. 

She’s graduated 5 years ago from herbalist midwife school in Chiang Mai and works now at her teacher’s clinic Sam Pha Lang, a natural birthing clinic. She is also gives Anja light healing. 


1 / You number one preoccupation should be your HEART, hold on to your heart and LOVE LOVE LOVE… Heart is the Boss, it controls everything with the mind. 

2 /  You shall take care of ourselves and our family

3 / You need a healthy diet

4 / Music is very important as well as prayers. In Thailand, it’s often recommended to the women to go pray at the temple (or the church); the idea is to pray for the baby to be strong

5 / Herbs are essential to support the woman pre and post natal process. You shall drink certains herbs such as Yahom (especially if you need strengths) and after one week, if you are had no C-section, you should use the steam room as much as twice a day, this will help the body and it’s good for the milk. (Tamarin leaves, Lemon Grass, Bergamon, small red onion are exemples of plants you may use in the steam)

6 / Don’t be surprised if you only realize that you have a child, 3 or 4 years down the line, it’s so intense and immersive that sometimes we need those years to actually realize it fully. 

7 / You need to exercice, walk!

8 / Please use meditation to relax and control your emotions, this is absolutely essential. 

9 / Choose what is best for you, have your own ’Style’, choose to do things your own way! 

10 /  Be happy, kind and honest


NOTE TO THE DOULAS : Muay said that the most important for us was to adapt ourselves and take time to get to know the family. « You shall talk to the family, investigate and learn about the habits of the mom, know if she drinks enough water, if she sleeps enough and slowly get to know her and introduce suggestions on how to facilitate the venue of the child in the house. » She also said that meditation was very important for us as well in order to balance our breathe & our blood circulation which will allow us to have clear (quick and right) answers when we need them. Muay meditates every morning and every evening, she insisted to say that it was key.