Birthing in Thailand

According to Lowie Row, American nurse living & working in Chiang Mai for many years; Thai women are really lucky - Indeed, whatever birth they choose, they can be efficiently supported. Facilities are available for having a natural birth at the hospital, technology is minimized and the nurses keep their distance/ « hands off » unless intervention is really necessary. The couple is left to birth on their own if that's what they desire. But is the couple prepared for that?

And what about if they wanted to give birth at home? well, even though in the 60's, 99% of the women in villages gave birth at home, it is now forbidden and punish by the law. Traditional midwives are not allowed to work from their place or in people home anymore. 

So today, in some of the clinics 80% of women are choosing C-section. Apparently it's because they are superstitious, looking for the ’lucky day’ for their baby’s birth. Most of the women also believe that men would not look at them the same way, that part is making me really sad. 

No one is explaining the repercussion of the surgery. No one is taking about it and it’s working well for obstetrician’s diaries.