Top 10 Lowie Row (USA/Thailand)

1/ You need to educate yourself (and your partner) about your birth options. 

2/ Trust yourself, it’s the best start for parenting. Know that birthing will give you a strong feeling of accomplishment. God has designed your body, 

he has created it so that it can give birth. You have to learn to make the process more enjoyable, having the father in the room is a unique experience.

3/ Find a doctor that will respect your wishes, find a birthing place where you can fell safe, where they also have equipment to step in if it’s ever needed.

4/ You should take very good care during pregnancy. Be well nourished, hydrated and rested.

5 / Enjoy the process of pregnancy. Many women have not been able to be pregnant so enjoy the process! 

6 / Frustration = Expectations minus Your reality so Be flexible! Never say ‘it will be like that’. There are many things that we cannot project… You can have wishes but don’t hold on to them. If things are not going the way you had imagine, let go and find out how to have what is important to you in another way. For exemple, you may not be able to do ‘skin to skin’, but dad may be able to. The goal here is to not come out frustrated. 

7/ Breastfeed 6 to 7 weeks at least it may not alway be smooth but it is important, so persevere. 

8/ Have support when the child arrives

9/ Expect that you may have post-partum depression, adjustments that are not always easy to make. It’s normal. 

10/ Find joy in each day with your child: new born day are so fast - they dont seem on the spot but they are!!